Cornerstone School for the Deaf

This story began in 2002, when Carol, CBDA’s administrator, met three unschooled deaf youth who came to CBC to attend church in 2002. They have since remained and became its faithful members. These deaf students were Jeremiah Halili from downtown Bamban, Wilson Maninang from Pag-asa, and Arnel Salting from Pandan. Jeremiah was only 22, Wilson was 25 and Arnel 29. Jeremiah and Arnel came from good families in their communities while Wilson came from a struggling household. Nevertheless, all three have never tasted “schooling” in all their life until 2005. The three became pioneers of CBC mission church and, after three years of faithful service to the Lord and to the mission work, became CBDA’s first pupils.

Faith Baptist Community School for the Deaf
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Faith Baptist Community School for the Deaf is a non-profit making entity that aims at providing quality special education, functional and reading literacy to vulnerable children and young persons not only in Lusaka but also in the country as a whole.  The school was opened May 2003 and provides vocational skills in hand- made shoe as well as formal education to OVC. It currently has 214 registered pupils and caters for them from kindergarten to Grade 7. Among other notable achievements, the school is credited with having maintained a 100% pass rate throughout for the Grade 7 final Leaving Examinations since its inception. Moreover it runs a Health and Nutrition Programme and HIV/AIDS related activities.

VICtory School For the Deaf

VICKtory School for the Deaf was established in 2001 for the purpose of teaching the Deaf of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
VICKtory School’s Founder and Administrator, Gomeju Tafesse was the first deaf student led to the Lord under the leadership of Missionary, Dr. Joyce Vick. Miss Tafesse has worked with Baptist International Outreach (BIO) as a National Missionary since the organization’s inception in 1985. She has raised two children, Yohannes Getaneh and Mimi Tafesse Dykes who are both serving as Missionaries with BIO. Miss Tafesse has one adopted daughter, Grace. She has also helped many other deaf and hearing boys and girls receive an education and given them a home.